Rear Venting Help Needed


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Hello, I have an open wood grill on an island that sits at counter height (like picture below) and need to vent it. I am hesitant to put a hood over it as it would ruin the view. I was thinking of putting an exhaust behind it. Sort of like a downdraft vent does but it would be permanent. To do that I would build a stainless box that projects 16" above the counter and extends behind the island. I would attach an outdoor blower (like this behind the duct. Behind the grill there is a drop off so smoke should have a place not go. I realize it won't be perfect but does this sound at all workable? Anyone else encounter a similar situation and have a better solution. Many thanks



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First I would like to mention I have never used this site linked in this post. That being said, I had a house that had a Jenn Air grill. Between the two sides it had a vent with a blower similar to this It worked fairly well. I'm not sure if you could build the box behind your grilling area to suck the smoke out with a fan like that or not as mine was between the two sides.