Question about small grills, skillets, and tank size


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I just bought a small tabletop propane grill. It's one of the larger portable models (Cuisinart two burner 20K BTU). I'm new to gas grills, having done a little charcoal in the past but wanted to try a small gas model for my porch that I could 1) try out grilling, and 2) cook messier fried foods in a skillet outside the house to not make a mess and anger my wife (sausage/bacon/fish/stuff that stinks up the house or splatters grease).

One thing I didn't like about the grill was that it calls for a 20 pound tank which goes against the small/portable goal I was aiming for on my porch, so I bought a 20 to 1 pound adapter. I fired it up with a 1 pound tank, turned both burners on HIGH, and cooked bacon in a cast iron pan. It took FOREVER- well over 25 minutes to cook 5 strips of bacon in a pan. I then re-heated up some precooked potatoes in the grease and made an egg scramble, again, another 20+ minutes to heat up the potatoes and a 1/2 dozen scrambled eggs. The skillet was barely sizzling.

Could using a 1 pound tank instead of 20 reduce the power of the grill? Or are grills just lousy at cooking things in pans and I should have bought an electric skillet instead?


P.S. My dog ate all the bacon when I went inside to grab something, so I'm already on the fence about keeping this thing.