Pork Loin Perfection

Discussion in 'BBQ and Grill Photos' started by khartig, Jun 3, 2013.

  1. khartig

    khartig Active Member

    I'm not so modest that I can't say I nailed this one. Injected, rubbed with a sweet and spicy rub and grilled for just over 2 hours using Royal Oak and a couple chunks of applewood.
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  2. Sage

    Sage Member

    Khartig, that looks absolutely amazing. My mouth is watering just looking at it! I haven't made a full pork loin in quite awhile. Maybe I will have to try my hand at it this weekend. I would say you definitely nailed it.
  3. Now I'm craving pork loin!! We considered buying one over the weekend when we were in the grocery store but decided on turkey instead. I hope it turns out just as pretty after it's done!!
  4. sheepdad

    sheepdad Active Member

    Looks great. What temp do you like to pull it at.
  5. khartig

    khartig Active Member

    I normally pull mine at about 145 and let rest till it hits about 150.
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  6. jason

    jason Nec timeo, nec sperno Staff Member

    Looks good, how did it taste?
  7. khartig

    khartig Active Member

    It came out great. I was very happy with the taste. It had a slight bite on the back end and just the right level of smoke.
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  8. sheepdad

    sheepdad Active Member

    Can't ask for more than that. Nice cook
  9. prey

    prey New Member

    Looks very tasty. I might try this sometimes, too. Nice cook.

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