Parmesan Pinwheels


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This is not something we normally make for the kids but we do make it for the adults when we have dinner parties. Our kids are not really fans of salt and for us we will limit ourselves to only one. They are yummy but salty too. Anyone know how to make them less salty?


That looks appetizing. We haven't made anything like that though. To cut down on salt, maybe you could make your own dough instead of using frozen puff pastry.


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It's salty because the ingredients tend to have a lot of salt. Most of it comes from the proscuitto/ham, but there is some in the cheese and the dough as well.


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I think for someone to have once in a while it would be okay, besides I could never give up ham. Next time I might try subbing the ham out with something else but I think just losing it would throw the snack off balance.