Outdoor Kitchen BBQ (featuring gas grill) just finished this weekend

Discussion in 'BBQ and Grill Photos' started by SteveVG, Jun 6, 2016.

  1. SteveVG

    SteveVG New Member

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  2. SteveVG

    SteveVG New Member

    This is my 3 year project, finally done. Poured concrete 3 years ago, build gazebo roof 2 years ago, build counter structure last year and did finish work this month.
  3. L_B

    L_B Active Member

    Wow this is awesome! Looks great! You must be so glad to finally have it done and now you can put it to good use! Wonderful job! I would love something like this!
  4. oportosanto

    oportosanto Member

    Looking great, it seems like heaven to have something like this... As for the smoke, I really can't say...!
  5. omarrahman78

    omarrahman78 New Member

    Holy shit dude make me one great job looks awesome

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  6. Cappy

    Cappy Active Member

    Truly a wonderful job Congratulations. Now show us a pic of it, full of beer cans red solo cups and paper plates with a bunch of happy people enjoying it.

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