New grill and already a problem

Discussion in 'BBQ and Grill Photos' started by Burg14, Apr 16, 2015.

  1. Burg14

    Burg14 Member

    I have a new grill and of course there is already a problem with it. It has 4 burners and they all have their own ignite and temp control. Wouldn't you know it, the first one won't ignite. It worked fine the first time I used it and now, nothing.
  2. joshposh

    joshposh Active Member

    Check the gas lines. If that's clear then you might want to check the spark. There might not be any spark if the gas is flowing properly.
  3. Burg14

    Burg14 Member

    Why would it work the first time and not now. I thought maybe it had water in the line. I have checked both of these and it's still not working. I will have to have my dad come over and take a look.
  4. joshposh

    joshposh Active Member

    That's the way life goes when you buy store bought products. I can work one day then the next it won't. Just check the warranty. Take the receipt and head back to the store and get a exchange.
  5. BarbiQ

    BarbiQ Active Member

    We had a dual burner grill and one side of it was doing that after about a year. We had to use one of those long lighters to get it started. I was scared of doing it so my husband always had to start the grill.

    Did you get this issue resolved?

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