Need a clear answer



New here and I really just have one question that nobody can answer for me so hopefully you fine people can help.

I have a CharBroil Infrared grill that I converted to natural gas using their kit. I come to find out my grill SHOULD NOT be converted to natural gas per char-broil and the kit i am using was for a different model grill.

It has been working fine so is there any legit reason why I should convert it back to propane? I am not worried about warrenty or anything as it is older anyways.

If I am geting solid steady blue flames only, is there any danger from converting a LG grill to NG when the manufacture says it is not supposed to be? I will put it back to propane but just curious as to why some grill can use NG and some can not. Is there any danger?

Thanks all!!

Over Easy

From what you described, you should be good. It sounds like the kit was "designed" for the newer model because companies want you to upgrade so you keep buying their products.

This is one of those things where, if the Natural Gas kit wasn't compatible, you would have known right away by the performance of the grill and the fact that not everything would have been easy to hook up..