Make legs removable?

Charcoal Bob

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Hi everyone. I have a 60 x 20 inch pig roaster that was custom built in all stainless steel with roughly 5/32" material. The legs are welded to the bottom of the bbq and I'd like to make them removable so I can easily transport it around. The legs are made of the same (or thicker) stainless with 'L' shaped steel which tapers as the lefs go towards rhe floor. I was thinking of cutting the legs off at the top, leaving a 3"-4" behind, then putting a thicker angle bracket inside the L bracket to sandwich/support he cut legs then drill a few holes and bolt/unbolt them at will.
My question is if this is my best option for having legs that come off quickly and transport? Any suggestions/criticisms are greatly appreciated and thank you in advance. Hopefully I've explained myself well enough. If not, I can attach a pic tomorrow if it will help.


Nec timeo, nec sperno
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That is tough. I've only known one person to do something like that, he wanted a taller grill that he could move. He did something similar but cut the legs and welded extensions on them. He kind of made a base out of the legs, with real short - maybe 3 or 4 inches, of legs on the grill. The grill would slide into the base legs. Not sure if that makes any sense or not.