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Discussion in 'Recipe Help & Wanted' started by grillmaster, Sep 7, 2014.

  1. grillmaster

    grillmaster New Member

    I love to grill and we have a family get-together coming up soon. I'd like to get some recipes for grilled appetizers -- finger foods, that sort of thing. What have others here tried and liked?
  2. ohiotom76

    ohiotom76 Member

    Grilled Bruschetta - Bobby Flay has a great recipe for a trio of these on the Food Network site. One of them was Quince paste spread on a slice of grilled Ciabatta brushed with olive oil, then on top of the Quince paste he sliced fresh Cabrales cheese (Gorgonzola or any good Blue Cheese would work).

    Grilled Stuffed Squid - FoodWishes web site has a great recipe for this.

    Grilled fruit, like stone fruits. You could serve it with some grilled pound cake and Moscarpone cheese

    Pancetta wrapped Shrimp skewers

    Grilled Italian style "buffalo" wings. Skip the hot sauce and do a garlic butter and herb sauce on them instead.
  3. geekygriller

    geekygriller New Member

    My all-time favorite is bacon-wrapped, cheese-stuffed jalapeños. You buy fresh jalapeños, cut them in half, de-seed them, and then stuff each half with cream cheese. After that, you wrap the whole nine yards with thick cut bacon and skewer it with a toothpick to keep the bacon from unwrapping. Then grill until the bacon is done and they are off the chain!
  4. Jessi

    Jessi Active Member

    Shrimp is always a good go-to appetizer, grilled or not, so I would start there.

    I also like doing fruit kabobs, although I tend to think of them more as dessert instead of a starter.
  5. Charcoal_Only

    Charcoal_Only New Member

    I'd say skewers are your best bet for grilled appetizers. You can skewer pretty much any combination of meat, vegetables, and fruit and if you buy fruit and/or veggies that have already been cut up, the job is really easy.
  6. ohiotom76

    ohiotom76 Member

    These are delicious, both on the grill or even in an oven if the weather is bad. One thing I learned the hard way though when making them is that if you wrap the raw bacon around them too tightly - which is tempting - as they cook the bacon will constrict and squeeze out all the cheese filling everywhere. Also the peppers and cheese filling can be done before the bacon is done cooking.

    You should use a thin cut bacon for these, no need to get the thick center cut bacon for them. I've heard some suggestions of par-cooking the bacon on a baking sheet so it finishes cooking on the wrapped peppers. This would probably cut down on the shrinking problem too a bit.

    I was also thinking that perhaps making the peppers with their cheese mixture ahead of time then freezing them might help too. You could then wrap them with the raw bacon just before putting them on the grill. Might be worth testing out. When we cooked fried mozzarella sticks, they always had to be completely frozen before dropping in the oil otherwise the cheese would leak out all over the place while cooking.

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