How did you find BBQ Geeks?

Discussion in 'Around the Firebox' started by jason, Jul 17, 2012.

  1. Diane Lane

    Diane Lane Active Member

    It's been several months, but I believe I found the site through a Bing search :D.
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  2. tiewunon

    tiewunon Active Member

    I must say luck!!! I post/ed on another forum, that place has about died on the vine. Its no wonder with all the petty bickering and flame spraying by 3-4 members which ruined it for the rest of us. I lurked on here for a couple of weeks read many posts, liked the atmosphere and tone and then signed up. Guess its a credit to each of you and the moderators for how business is conducted on here.
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  3. Joseph Mwai

    Joseph Mwai New Member

    I happened to stumble upon a website and which coincidentally had some chatter from my friends. with that and my interest in cooking , Voila ... here I am. #BBQ Geeks
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  4. Cappy

    Cappy Active Member

    Welcome Jo!
  5. Joseph Mwai

    Joseph Mwai New Member

    cheers Cappy
  6. castiron

    castiron Member

    I like to bookmark articles, some say have to create an account to reply. Bookmaking a recipe page helps me locate it a bit faster then recalling a keyword, then scrolling when want the exact same webpage.
  7. castiron

    castiron Member

    My sisterinlaw said the forums were fun, sent me a link. I checked it out, though I hated forums, when those used in games to replace customer support for the members to help trouble shoot. But she was correct, this is fun.
  8. castiron

    castiron Member

    My sister in law sent me a link, telling me it would be fun, that she was having fun. I am having fun and getting reminders of what I use to do. Need two things at computer Grocery list to add to and journal for writing down recipes.
  9. castiron

    castiron Member

    I like some rubs but love the Sweet & Sizzlin sauce. If no choice, eat what host or hostess put in front of me, if a choice Want the sauce on my wings.
  10. chemmutk

    chemmutk New Member

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  11. castiron

    castiron Member

    Is a catchy name.
  12. castiron

    castiron Member

    I like simple recipes, and realized quickly I needed two things here steno book for grocery list and journal I use for writing recipes. I bookmarked the site so I can find it fast.
  13. castiron

    castiron Member

    I bookmarked this page so can find it fast. Using keyword search does not always bring back the webpages I had been in, forgetting how far I had scrolled.
  14. castiron

    castiron Member

    My sisterinlaw sent me a message with the link, saying about the same and that it was fun. I also hate forums, as they are in games. But she was correct this is fun.
  15. SirWellEndowed

    SirWellEndowed New Member

    I google searched 400 lb girl eating BBQ ribs on the beach and bbqgeeks popped up in search. i like them a little on the big side.
  16. L_B

    L_B Active Member

    I must admit that is an original! :)
  17. oportosanto

    oportosanto Member

    lol what a search, I am doing to do the same search to see what results will come up. :)
  18. slgkoiwng

    slgkoiwng New Member

  19. patrick_harmon44

    patrick_harmon44 New Member

    Found it through tapatalk suggesting it because of other friends.

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