high-carbon steel, or low?


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I've got a New Braunfels Black Diamond that I bought in 1998, and have moved from Houston to Orlando to East Texas and now to New Mexico. Years of use have taken their toll on the fire grates.

I'm going to have new ones fabricated by a friend who does welding. It will be an upgrade from buying new ones from CharBroil...Heavier steel, etc.

Question: Since the internal temperature of a pile of hot charcoal can approach 2000 fahrenheit, is high-carbon steel the appropriate choice, or low carbon? I"m probably going to go with 1/4 inch stock.

Thanks for any feedback you can give.


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I sure wish I was BBQ geeky enough to have an answer for ya. The pit in my avatar pic is made from standard wall 30" oil field pipe It was built in 78 and still going strong. I don't know about carbon but I do know this ole pit is unpainted and sits in the weather and looks like it will out live me.:yo:


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Have a friend back in Texas whose father worked in the oilfield and made the two of them matching pits out of schedule 80 stainless. Talk about something that will outlive you.