Grilling Turkey Deeper in Gas Grill



So I’m going to smoke a turkey for the first time on a Charbroil 3 burner gas grill and I have an unorthodox question. I am going to use a Turkey Cannon and grill it indirect of course with a Weber smokebox over the flame, but I the bird once on the cannon (16 lb. bird) is going to be to tall for my grill and hit the cover. So with that intro, here is my question: Would it work to take the grates off the indirect side of the grill so I can put the roasting pan and bird deeper in the grill so it will fit vertically or will that had an adverse effect on cooking? (I’ve already checked and the roasting pan that was going to be below those grates anyway to catch drippings fits).


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I've used this method on my gas grill for cooking large chickens and it works perfectly fine. I block off some of the air vents at the back to ensure the produced smoke goes well over and low down on the indirect side.

Hope it helps:cool: