Grilled watermelon and Halloumi cheese


I love watermelon in the summer and my wife found this idea on a cooking site. You slice watermelon and cut thick slices of Halloumi cheese. Put both the cheese and watermelon on medium heat grill for 3 minutes per side. When it has grill marks and is warm slice into small pieces. Yum!


I would have to try that before I committed very much watermelon and cheese. I like my watermelon cold and with salt.


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Sorry but, that doesn't sound appetizing at all. Melted cheese on grilled watermelon. Watermelon is primarily water and your eating grilled water. Well, I guess I have to try it before I knock it.


I've had that cheese before and it doesn't melt very much. That's probably why they use it on the grill. Have you ever had melon with cheese? It's actually very good, so watermelon with cheese is probably good as well.