Grilled Grilled sweet potatoes and apples


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I came across a recipe on All Recipes earlier for grilled sweet potatoes and apples. Basically you cut up two sweet potatoes and one apple. Then, toss them in a bowl with cinnamon and sugar (to taste, no specific amount). After that, divide everything in the bowl into quarters and each quarter goes into an aluminum foil packet. Finally you grill it. Anyone ever done something like this before? I haven't, but it just seems like sweet potatoes and apples would go really well together...


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This does sound really good. I love cinnamon and sugar. I have grilled apples with cinnamon and sugar before but never sweet potatoes. I think they would go well together. I have both of these items in the house so I will try it this weekend.


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I've never done this before, although I have done aluminum foil packets with other veggies. I'll bet apples and sweet potatoes go really well together! I'll have to try it soon.


Oh this sounds absolutely delicious! Apples and sweet potatoes. I even like the cinnamon seasoning. I have made many veggie packs in tin foil. I have never tried apples and sweet potatoes.


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I've never made the two together before but apple cooked with any sweet type of food usually tastes good. This is something my kids would probably love so I'll have to give it a try.


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We've actually got several apples in our fridge right now that I need to use up soon, so I will have to try this. I may even try it without the sweet potatoes if it comes down to it. I'll bet that cinnamon/sugar apples would be just as good even without the potatoes. :)
We love sweet potaotes at my house. We also love apples. So this is a good combination no matter how I look at it. Will definitly be trying it when I put my next pork roast on the grill. It just seems to be calling for pork to have with it.