Grilled peaches and plums with grilled pound cake


I saw this dessert in a picture online a few months ago. You grill the peaches and plums on medium heat as well as slices of pound cake. The fruit only takes about 10 minutes to cook, I'd put the pound cake on for the last 5 minutes since you really only need to warm it up. Serve fruit on top of pound cake, drizzled with honey and add a scoop of ice cream.



I wouldn't like to be redundant, but right now I'm thinking of grilled plantains with grilled banana bread. Maybe toffee and whipped cream, or a la mode with banana sorbet or vanilla, or some ice cream flavor with nuts.


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Yummy! It sounds delicious. I've had grilled bananas before and they taste so good, but I have never tried grilled peaches and plums. I should try that.


I have to try this too. We don't really grill many fruits but I think we will give it a try. I am not a fan of plums though. I wonder if I would like grilled plums.


Grilled pound cake sounds very interesting. I have tried grilling fruits before but never pound cake. Do you just slice some pieces of cake off and grill it?
I love grilled peaches but like others, I have never tried grilling plums,, it is just so hard to get the pit out. I have grilled pound cake before after brushing it with some orange juice concentrate. It is so good, has a slight smokey flavor. And the grilled fruit and a little ice cream on top is the bomb.