Grilled Orange Chicken


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I read something online about grilling orange chicken for an Asian dish instead of sauteing it. It sounded interesting but naturally I didn't bookmark the page and can't find it again. Have you ever grilled orange chicken? How did it turn out compared to the usual stir fry method?


Huh, I've never tried it grilled. I'm assuming it's not breaded--most variations of orange chicken that I've had have all been breaded, and I don't think that would grill well. But if it's marinated long enough in some kind of orange mixutre, I imagine it would taste great on its own.


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I don't think I have had it without being breaded either. For me it is kind of a texture I expect to have. Is it possible to bread it and still grill it? I would think some of it would end up falling off.


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I do not remember orange chicken being breaded at Asian Chao in the mall. Am I really not paying that much attention? That's pretty sad.


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This sounds like something that could work well, but you probably wouldn't want to and the orange glaze until the chicken was mostly done, just like with barbecue sauce. Otherwise, the sugar in the sauce would probably burn.


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Not sure how Asian orange chicken is made at the restaurants whether its breaded or not. I have cooked breaded chicken before on my Holland Grill. Have not tried it on one of my more traditional gassers.

I have had success with Autry and Holland Breader Mixes and there are other brands out there. Actually liked the Autry brand a bit better. When I did this I added the spices to the breader mix and then dredged vice spicing chicken then into breader followed by dredging.

I agree with pizzaman1 on the sauce as he stated above.