Grilled garlic parm zucchini


I tried out a new recipe over the weekend and it was a big hit. I love zucchini. My kids love cheese. I thought why not try this one. You take zucchini and slice it in the middle (the long way). You make a mixture of butter, parmesan cheese and garlic (cloves that are minced). Put the mixture on top of the zucchini and toss it on the grill. My kids added more cheese to the top once the zucchini was almost all the way cooked.


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This sounds delicious! I have several zucchini too. I was just trying to figure out what I was going to do with them. I can't wait to try this.


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The cheesier the better - or so my kids think. I think this would be great with different types of cheese. I would use mozzarella and cheddar. How long does this take to cook? It sounds pretty tasty!


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This sounds absolutely delicious. It's too rainy to grill here this week, but I think that I may try and make it in the oven anyway.


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I bet our kids would eat this if we can get them to help make it. That seems to be the big trick now. If I say it is healthy and make it they turn their noses up, but if they help make it (healthy or not) they will always eat the food.


I think that my whole family would enjoy this recipe. We are planning to grill this evening so I will have to see if I have any zucchini in the fridge.


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I am all for this recipe. I bet the kids would love it, I know us adults would. I would add more cheese too - I love cheese. We are always looking for ways to cook/grill zucchini.