Grilled fruit and cake kabobs


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I came across a recipe online for grilled fruit and cake kabobs. As I was reading through the recipe, I got inspired to tweak it a bit to make it my own. The original recipe called for boxed cake mix, prepared like normal in the oven, and then cubed to skewer. Then several types of fruit go on and the whole nine yards is grilled. Well, I think I am going to try my hand at grilled pineapple cake kabobs -- white cake + cubed pineapple, sort of a twist on pineapple upside down cake. :) Anyone else here ever done anything like this before?


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I think it's a good idea! I haven't done it before, but I love grilled pineapple.

I would add a cherry on top of each to make them pineapple upside down cake kabobs.


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I grew up on upside down cake as a child, so these kabobs sound delicious. How did your kabobs turn out grilling247, were they good? Did you make a sauce for it afterwards?


Yum, that sounds good. Is it good all on its own or did you add ice cream after grilling? I don't hear much about upside down cakes now. My mom used to make it for us when we were kids.