Grilled chicken salad

Discussion in 'Recipe Help & Wanted' started by Tessa, Apr 1, 2015.

  1. Tessa

    Tessa Member

    I had a bunch of leftover chicken breasts from our last cookout, and on a whim I decided to chop them up and make chicken salad. It was delicious! I don't know how to describe how the marinades we used worked or what to add to it next time, but it was mighty tasty!
  2. rayne

    rayne Member

    That's a great way to use leftover meat Tessa. We hardly ever have leftover chicken but we do have leftover pork and beef. If it stays in the fridge for more than a couple of days, I'll chop it up and make soup. Like your chicken salad, it's hard to describe the smoky flavor the meat gives to the soup.
  3. Burg14

    Burg14 Member

    My daughter is a big fan of chicken salad but I'm not. I use the leftover grilled chicken in quesadillas or on top of a spring mix in a salad. I don't like to add mayo to chopped chicken. I really only like tuna and egg salad made this way.
  4. skittleblade

    skittleblade New Member

    I do not love chicken salad. I only like one recipe, in fact. I think adding the smoky flavor of grilled chicken to it would make it even better. Now I think I'm going to have to make a plan to throw a little extra chicken on the grill next time I make chicken so I can make chicken salad.
  5. Tessa

    Tessa Member

    It's slightly similar to the taste I've gotten with using rotisserie chicken meat, but it's a little smokier. Definitely on the unusual side. I've been thinking of what to add to it, and I'm wondering if kebab vegetables might work. Certain grilled fruits like pineapple might work, too.
  6. judys

    judys New Member

    I love chicken salad and find that when I use leftover chicken that has been marinated it comes out really good. I especially like making it with leftover lemon pepper chicken :).
  7. Tessa

    Tessa Member

    Oooh, lemon pepper chicken salad! There's another great idea. I can think of tons of things that could go well with that. Gosh, I think I might have to find a way to turn all these into recipes.
  8. BBQteabwoi

    BBQteabwoi Member

    Oh yeah I love chicken salad and that was a really cool idea that you had to use the chicken that was leftover so that you can make a salad. I could only imagine how delicious it all was just from the way that you talk about it in the post to be honest you are making me hungry just thinking about it.

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