Grilled Gator Eggs


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Pork Sausage (Jimmy Dean works ok)
Jalapeno's, fresh
Cheese Cubes. Pick your favorite.

Form the sausage into large meatballs
Stuff them with the jalepenos and cheese
Toss on grill until done. 350-375 for about 20 minutes works well.

You can wrap them with bacon too. Or season the sausage with garlic or other spices.


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Oh, those sound good. I have had something similar to this but this sounds easier and tastier. I think it could probably be made in the oven also. Still too snowy here to barbecue but we still have to eat!


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I would definitely try those. But I very much need you to call them something different before you serve them to me. I wish I could say something silly like the name would not get in my head and prevent me from liking them, but it isn't true.
I had the same thought! I came here thinking, 'no way', and got a pleasant surprise. These sound really good, I might have to give them a try when I have a little free time for something new.