Ever Tried To Make Your Own Lunch Meats?


I've been looking around at several food blogs, for ideas and instructions on how to make your own lunch meats - to see if perhaps this is a feasible option. Right now, the cost of lunch meats at our grocery stores is through the roof. I am so tired of paying nearly $10 for a pound of Roast Beef lunch meat, or $6-$7 a pound for shaved ham or turkey.

The first and perhaps simplest recipes I've seen so far are for beef lunch meat, made with top round roast. It seems pretty straightforward, but I am concerned how the end product will taste and how well it will hold up in the fridge without any preservatives. I'm also wondering if I could freeze the lunch meat that I don't use, or will it just turn it into a soggy mess when I thaw it?

The Chicken and Turkey recipes seem a little trickier, since they are requiring the meat to be brined in most cases, plus, I am concerned about the meat shredding up when I try to slice it thin so I am assuming I may need a strong brine to really change the texture of the meat as well as an electric slicer, which I am willing to invest in.

My big concern is, since I am not curing the meats in any way, will they become dried out in the fridge after a few days?


Thank you for sharing that, I hadn't considered shredding the meat up then packing it back into a "loaf" like that. Is there enough gelatin in the finished product to hold it all together or did you need to add extra? Does this stuff slice up well or does it crumble easily? I would love to try this sometime, and maybe even try rolling it into a log with some heavy duty plastic wrap then sealing the ends tightly for a round shape.


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The skin and fat from the turkey jells it up nicely it comes out like pate. it is sliceable but if warm it will melt. Still slightly spreadable. we usually make loafs but have done rolls and we do a spicy version with pork as well. You can add gel if ya want it firmer. but we like it softer we do it on crackers a lot with pepper jelly great game day app. Chicken works too.