Do you Marinate Your Steaks?

Discussion in 'Recipe Help & Wanted' started by dashboardc33, Mar 14, 2012.

  1. dashboardc33

    dashboardc33 Member

    We have always just seasoned ours with spices and put them on the grill. However, I have heard of so many people who use a marinade on their steaks. Do you use them? If you do, do you make your own or use a pre packaged kind?
  2. dconklin

    dconklin Active Member

    Usually for steaks, I just mix a little oil with water and add various spices into it. I like vegetable oil, but you can use canola. Just do not use olive oil-it will catch on fire at a much lower temperature then other oils.
    For spices, I like to always add a ton of garlic, a steakhouse seasoning by McCormick (it is in a grinder with sea salt), minced onion and many times I will add other spices too but as long as I have these 3 I am good. You can let it marinade for up to 24 hours, but I notice that when you use oil and water with the marinade it doesn't have to marinade as long as store bought. I have let it marinade for as little as 20 minutes and it was tender and flavorful.
  3. Hysssss-teria

    Hysssss-teria Member

    Absolutely not. My husband believes firmly in tasting the STEAK -- not additives and/or chemicals.

    He’s all right with nothing at all on it. However, being a black pepper aficionado he does enjoy a light dusting of that.
  4. shaun

    shaun Active Member

    I would never use a processed marinade from the supermarket. Marinades are easy to make with a few simple ingredients. I like making a marinade with honey, garlic and tamarind. It has a slightly sweet and sour taste which enhances the beef flavour.
  5. FireBrick

    FireBrick Member

    We usually don't marinade our steaks. We simply rub the meat with pepper, garlic powder, or some powdered herbs then throw it on the grill. As Hysssss-teria said, we don't want to lose the true flavor of the meat. But sometimes we do use marinade. It usually consists of soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, lemon juice, salt and pepper.
  6. Nanatracyann

    Nanatracyann Member

    We actually put our steaks in a Pyrex glass dish, add some red onions, Lowry's seasoned salt, ground pepper, garlic, and a bottle of Guinness Beer! Let the steaks soak for about an hour and then grill em'! Delicious, I might add that you can soak your steaks in any kind of beer of your choice, but the darker the lager the better!
  7. jason

    jason Nec timeo, nec sperno Staff Member

    I picked this up from Alton Brown and do it from time to time. It is a sort of dry age not a marinade, but very tasty. I would love to try a salt cure one time. BTW, I do not use porterhouse's, too costly for me.

  8. Coffeeaddict

    Coffeeaddict Member

    My Dad, being the best cook in the house, does marinade the steaks overnight with soy sauce and lemon juice. He tried skipping the marinade part once and proceeded in grilling it after smothering the steaks with salt and pepper. They both tasted delicious but the marinade ones has a certain kick probably because of the lemon juice.
  9. dissn_it

    dissn_it Active Member

    We only marinade if we are going to BBQ a tough steak and then we use the Jack Daniels marinades. Our favoite steak is T-bone and we do not marinade those. We season the T-bones with salt, pepper & garlic and use wood chips and charcoal for a flavor you just cannot get in a marinade!
  10. Index

    Index Member

    While I do marinade my steaks once in a blue moon, I'm mostly a steak purist. My steaks are seasoned with just kosher salt and cracked pepper. Though sometimes I might add a little garlic salt and rosemary. Very simple and great tasting.
  11. amym

    amym New Member

    I've never marinade steak before. We just sprinkle some salt and pepper and sometimes so other seasonging and put it on the grill. My boyfriend is really big on actually being able to taste the steak.
  12. saucygal

    saucygal Member

    I've marinated a few steaks in my time, but I don't tend to like the taste compared to simple seasoning. Plus dealing with all that sauce in a baggie can be messy.
  13. Caryn

    Caryn Active Member

    We use a pre-packaged marinade. We used to use Kikkoman marinade for meat. Lately we have been using McCormick Grill Mates Brown Sugar Bourbon marinade. I enjoy both of these packaged marinades. I was getting tired of Kikkoman since we have used it for years. I think that if you enjoy a pre-package marinade, you will enjoy the Brown Sugar Bourbon marinade. It is awesome and very quick and easy.
  14. Burg14

    Burg14 Member

    We usually use A1 marinade when grilling steak. Most times we will soak them overnight in the marinade. I have grilled steaks without using a marinade and I like it that way too. We usually use a rub when we don't use a marinade.
  15. Jessi

    Jessi Active Member

    I generally don't marinade my steaks. If I do, it's just a quick marinade with something like A1 or BBQ sauce and whiskey. As a general rule, though, I only marinade other cuts of meat like pork and chicken, and prefer to have my steaks in their more raw/natural form because I really enjoy the flavor.
  16. JakeTheBake

    JakeTheBake Member

    It depends on the steak. If it's a good piece of meat, then no. And I forbid anyone in my house from putting sauce on a good steak. If it's a junk cut or something I pulled out of the freezer then I'll probably either get creative with what's in the house and make up a marinade or just soak it in Worcestershire overnight.
  17. btatro

    btatro Member

    We do not usually do a marinade. Like you, just season and rub before putting on the grill, and they usually turn out pretty great. We marinate the meat when we make shish-ka-bobs, at don't notice a huge difference really with it.
  18. I like to marinate mine, though I do not do it anymore because I am the only one that likes them that way. We used to use this package of marinade seasoning that we bought at the grocery store, it had to be mixed with wine and oil I believe. It was good and it smelled really good too. I would pour it into this marinade container thing we had and put the steak it, they would be delicious.
  19. For us, it depends on the cut of steak we are grilling. For a tougher cut, yes we do marinade first. Acidic marinades break down the proteins in the meat that make it tough, so we usually marinade with an acidic mixture, like something with lemon or lime juice in it. For a more tender cut of steak, we usually skip the marinade and apply a dry rub to the steak. Then, when we grill, we baste the steak.
  20. TopChef

    TopChef Active Member

    I often do. I use a little lemon juice for the acidity (to help tenderize) and olive oil for moisturizing. I add some course Kosher salt and a clove or two of crushed garlic.

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