Desperately need help


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So they voluntold me and made me incharge of my department in a cook off. Already getting so much grief since us in the medical department are a all female team aginst a bunch of officers. So I have to grill everything in my box and have 3 hours to do it. They are giving us Chiken legs, sausage ,rib tips and thin boneless pork chops. Will gladly take any awesome recipes to help us win! Just to shut them up! Lol


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There are a lot to choose from. What do you want, spicy, sweet, sauced, unsauced? Chicken leg lolipops seem popular but it can be work.


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All that ya mentioned are easy to grill in 3 hours but as Jason mentioned there are a great many different ways to do them what do you like? sweet? sticky? smoke? spicy? etc. How are ya planning to do ti. Memphis style KC style Texas style or my favorite Cajun style?

Good luck ad take pictures to share. When is or was the contest ad did you have fun?