Deep Fried PB&J


My boyfriend has been talking about deep fried PB&J since we got together, and I am not a big fan of PB&J anytime, so I always turned down his offer to cook them for us. Well, I finally tasted a little bit today, and I must say, it's actually pretty good. Anyway, he made a batter out of sugar, flour and almond milk (he's vegan - I know, horrible). Just thought I'd pass that along. Could be a great treat for kids (though 30-something year old men like it too). :)


Vegans aren't "horrible"! We could all learn a thing or two from their responsible way to eating. As for frying PB&J, I don't do the sandwich insides not turn to mush?


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Sounds like something I would be willing to give a try to. It is true that just about anything tastes good deep fried. I'm not a huge fan of peanut butter and jellies, but I bet they are better fried.


I think I saw this on Bizzarre Foods. Theres some guy in Louisanna I think
who likes to deep fry EVERYTHING. I will try to search for the video on Youtube.


Deep fried PB &J . I have heard it all. ;)
Thanks for the batter recipe. Flour, sugar and almond milk. It think I will try that out on something. I'm not sure what yet though. I'm not a vegan, but lactose intolerant.So this will work for me. I also love almond milk.


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Mmm, I'd eat it! Most things deep fried are pretty good, even if they sound really weird.

So did he just make a sandwich as usual, dip it in that batter, and deep fry it? Anything special to know?


Peanut butter and jelly sandwich is one of my usual breakfast foods but I know nothing about deep fried PBJ. It sounds intriguing. I might try it once but since it's deep fried, I don't think I will be a huge fan of it. :)


Deep fried PB&J sounds like it would be a good dessert. I'm not sure how healthy deep-frying is, even if you are vegan, haha. I don't think being vegan cancels it out. ;)


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I don't deep fry anything but we used to make grilled PBJ when I was younger. Basically it is like a grilled cheese only with peanut butter and jelly inside not cheese. It was delicious.


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Vegans aren't "horrible"! We could all learn a thing or two from their responsible way to eating. As for frying PB&J, I don't do the sandwich insides not turn to mush?
Hardly, well-raised meat is good for you, sugar and flour is not.

As for this recipe, I've never thought of deep frying peanut butter and jelly, it's a novel idea! I imagine the jam and peanut butter would be molten together. I shall try this out when I next have a treat.

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I ate a lot of peanut butter once when I was a kid and ended up having it come back up - with that being said I think deep fried pb&j would be bad for my memory taste buds BUT it does sound yummy for those who like it. I will have my hubby try this - he loves pb&j's.


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My kids would probably love it. I usually grill them like I do with cheese sandwichs. My kids like them with chicken noodle soup.


This is interesting. I'm never a huge deep fried fan though. The grease usually makes me sick if I have too much, even after patting it off. I will probably try this at some point though...maybe. I'll probably try what Becky said and grill it like grilled cheese, though.


I've had toasted PB&J before, but never deep fried. This is a new concept to me. It'll make an excellent lunch, snack or even dessert. I always loved a good PB&J sandwich ever since I was a little kid. It was always my favorite thing to eat.


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I've had it twice before and it's very good. Just gotta make sure you use a lot of jelly or it will end up a bit too dry.


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This is a new one to me. I had never heard of a deep fried PB&J before, either. It sounds like it would be messy to make but usually messy means delicious!


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I eat very few fried foods anymore but I would try it at least once, just to see if its something the kids would like. They are too picky lately and its driving us both up the wall.
I'm not sure if I would try deep fried PB&J or not. It sounds like something my husband would try though. I do like the idea of grilled PB&J and I think the kids would like too.


Heck, why not??? I'm the adventurous type and I'm just about willing to try anything. I've had deep fried Twinkies so why not a deep fried pbj? lol