Deep Fried Oreos

Has anyone ever tried a deep fried Oreo? We usually get them at the fairs and they are amazing! We made some last night at home and they were very easy. All we did was get some funnel cake mix and prepare it as usual. Dipped our Oreos in and fried them until golden. We topped ours with powdered sugar. I almost got a belly ache from eating so many!


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I must have some! I don't think they are on my diet, but... oh, how I want one of those right now. Sounds simple enough to make.

Do they need to be eaten immediately after frying? I am thinking if I made these ahead of time for a pot luck type event, they may end up getting a little soft or soggy. Any idea how they would hold up after a couple hours? I know they would be hard to not eat right away. :D


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I have tried them before but I really did not like them. It was shocking to me too since I love just about anything Oreo. I am not sure why but I guess the mix of frying them just did not sit well with me.


I've never had fried Oreos, or any similar sweets done this way. It always struck me as being too rich that way, but maybe I should try it just to see. BarbiQ, I would never try to hold these for two hours. I find very little deep-fried foods keep well. You have to eat them right away and still hot for best texture and flavor.


Really? Deep Fried Oreos? Now I've heard everything. These must be right up there with deep fried Twinkies and fried pickles. I would like to try one though just to say I've had the experience.


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Nope, never tried them, but that doesn't mean I won't! I'm not a big fan of Oreos anymore but I think if it was deep fried, I'd give it a shot. Gotta love the south, they deep fry everything!
Deep friend Oreos,, how decandent! I am diabetic so I cannot eat the regular oreos,, however; I seem to recall seeing sugar free Oreos in the grocery store. So I will go searching, and hopefully will be trying these little delight,, minus the powdered sugar.


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That sounds amazing and before now I never knew that was even possible. My girlfriend will freak out when I tell her you can do that. Seems simple enough and is probably very bad for you. I will make them and she will have to break her diet, muahahaha! Evil will always triumph, because good is dumb.


All these deep fried recipes can't be good for my cholesterol! I'd love to try these, we are big Oreo fans in our house. This would probably be a hit with my kids.