Dear Poppers


I just came across this recipe call Deer Poppers.We like venison but sometimes the wild taste is stronger than we like. This just sounds like the perfect way to use the meat.
I'm going to have to try those. I bet my brother has some deer steak in his freezer that he isn't using, and I doubt he would miss it if I ran off with it. Thanks for the recipe.


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I would have to pass, we are not big on the deer meat but I do know a gal who is so I can always pass it along to her. I am not sure if I have ever tried it cooked the right way but the last few times I have, I was not impressed.


Yuk... I have tried cooking venison often and I have never liked it. I am going to pass this recipe along to my brother. They love venison. I am just not going to try it.


OK, show of hands, how many of you initially glanced at this thread and thought it said "Deer Poop"? ;-)

This is kind of an interesting take on traditional cheese filled poppers though, and even if you don't eat deer, you could just as easily sub out chicken for it, or maybe bison if you are a little more adventurous.

I could see many of my friends who are on strict paleo diets gobbling these up. I would probably go with chicken though since I too am squeamish about eating deer.


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I think that they sound really good, and I would definitely try them with venison and other types of meat. We like venison, but I am a jalapeno popper addict!


My father in law would love this. They are always trying different ways of cooking venison and getting rid of that wild taste. They try to trick the kids but you can taste deer and there is a difference between beef (both look and taste) and deer.


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I don't usually like venison but this sounds pretty good. You could swap it out with another meat. Venison is so good for you. I believe it is one of the leanest meats.