Cream cheese, chicken, & spinach taquitos


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I ran across a recipe for these cream cheese, chicken, and spinach taquitos on Pinterest. I am planning to try them for dinner tomorrow night, but you could definitely use them as an appetizer for a party.


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Wow, those sound amazing! I may have to put them on the menu plan. The hardest part will be deciding whether to fry or just bake the taquitos. Normally I bake, but they might warrant actual frying.


Wow they look amazing and they sound delicious. Just like @Briquet I am not sure whether to fry or bake them. Maybe I will have to try both options to see which one tastes the best.


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Mmm, I love taquitos so these are, of course, right up my alley.

I see no real reason why they couldn't just be tossed on the grill first while BBQing either. Easy peasy!


Wow that looks good! My kids would love those. I'll have to get the recipe and try it out on the weekend, see what they say. I think the grill would make them nice and crunchy too.


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Those look amazing. I love spinach in Mexican dishes. Mexican cream burritos are my favorite. My kids love taquitos, so we are definitely going to have to give these a try.


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I never thought about making homemade taquitos before but this recipe sounds awesome! I'll definitely be bookmarking it to try soon.


I think I may need to give taquitos another try again. In the past I haven't had much luck with them coming out good. Either the filling would run out all over the pan or baking sheet, or I would bake them and the tortilla would dry out too much before browning, or worse yet they would unroll.

I'm thinking out loud here, but I wonder if making them up, then freezing them before frying them would help them hold together better instead of opening up and the filling all running out before the tortilla is crisped up enough.

That was how we used to keep the mozarella sticks from falling apart in the fryers, they had to be completely frozen before dropping them into the oil, and by the time the breadcrumbs were deep golden brown, then the cheese was just to the melting point.