Cold Smoke With A Timberline 1300



Been wanting to do some cold smoking but The lowest Temp setting on a timberline is 125 (roughly). I know with other models they make a cold smoke box attachment but I havn't seen or came across anything for a timberline. Anyone have any ideas or am I just S.O.L. :(


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Not a pellethead myself, though I smoke quite a bit of meat on my stik burner and kamados. My neighbor is a pellethead and he has a Blaz'n grandslam. He added a "Smoke Chief" cold smoke generator to his rig think it set him back $180. His results have been pretty good. He has cold smoked multiple things and has really made some killer cheese.
Don't think you can/could futz with the PID controller to get temps to actually cold smoke on your Trager.


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Finally able to speak with neighbor about the Smoke Chief smoke generator. It set him back $135. He loves it.
He did tell me that when he bought his Blaz'n they gave him a pick of of options an insulated hood which he chose and a couple of others. One being the Blaz'n smoker box which he said was about $50. So that maybe an option for you also.