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Discussion in 'BBQ and Grill Photos' started by jason, Nov 4, 2013.

  1. jason

    jason Nec timeo, nec sperno Staff Member

    So last Saturday was chili night at the house. Had two dutch ovens going with the coals and two in the BGE. The two mild chili's were in the BGE and the hotter stuff on the coals. I used one recipe from Alton Brown and another from a magazine called BackWoods Home. They all came out pretty good. The wife even made a white chili in the crock pot for those who could not handle any heat.

    Even got the fire going although it was not that cold out.

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  2. sheepdad

    sheepdad Active Member

    Oh yea... Looks good from here. DO's on the coals... Now that is what you call cookin' Sounds like a fun cook to me. :-D
  3. derailed

    derailed New Member

    Looks yummy!

    Hmm, you gave me an idea. I think I'll make some chili tonight.
  4. 003

    003 Member

    I like chilis. They are my most favorite food ingredient. I bet you all did have a great night. Great job too. Was it your first time to cook them, to try those recipes?
  5. prey

    prey New Member

    If this was the first time you tried to cook those, then you have all the lauries from me, you're truly talented. I look forward to more!
  6. Ellyn

    Ellyn Member

    White chili is intriguing! I used to really dislike spicy food until my family moved to Indonesia when I was a kid and I had to learn to at least tolerate it or I'd starve to death... now I even miss some spiciness, but I can remember what it was like to really hate it so I try to always have a non-spicy alternative for people but one that's still flavorful.
  7. Tessa

    Tessa Member

    I have a lot of sensitive stomachs in my family, so I just double the cumin and hold the spicy peppers. You can still get plenty of flavor with garlic, onion, and bell peppers. Combined with some vegetable broth, the chili usually holds together fairly well.
  8. My Dad used to make chili and cornbread in cast iron dutch ovens placed in the coals in a firepit. I remember what a lovely smokey flavor both the chili and the cornbread developed. We spent many a starlite evening sitting under the stars around a campfire with a bowl of chili and a hunk of cornbread. Makes me miss my dad just thinking ab out all of the wonderful meals he created around a fire.
  9. jason

    jason Nec timeo, nec sperno Staff Member

    The wife does white chili with chicken, no tomatoes, mostly because our youngest gets a bit of a rash from tomatoes. It looks fairly simplistic, but she does change ingredients up depending on what we have.
  10. Jessi

    Jessi Active Member

    I find it interesting that she made white chili for those who couldn't handle the spicy.

    MY white chili is spicier than my beef/bean chili. My white chili uses jalapenos, onions, etc and is super spicy. Love it!
  11. JJLane

    JJLane Member

    I've never made white chili. That is one I'll have to try. My son doesn't like much tomato sauce, but he loves the beans and meat, so this would be a good one to make for him.
  12. jason

    jason Nec timeo, nec sperno Staff Member

    If you taste my chili you would know why hers was not spicy. Yeah even the mild is a bit much for some.
  13. Kateri

    Kateri Member

    I love chili! In fact I am making chili tomorrow night for dinner. I would say that I am not a fan of spicy chili so I tend to make mine a little more mild in flavor. I have never heard of white chili before and I wouldn't mind finding a recipe for this one. Thanks for the ideas!
  14. Burg14

    Burg14 Member

    I too love chili but I don't enjoy spicy chili. A little spice is okay, but not a lot of it. I have tried the white bean and chicken chili and I didn't really like it. That was a few years ago so I might like it now.
  15. Hilt

    Hilt Well-Known Member

    I can only handle spicy chili about once a year but growing up when I was younger there was no way you could get me to eat it. Now I still like some spicy stuff but it comes in phases, about 3 times in a month and it always happens when everyone else in the family is in a super picky mood.
  16. Bill Michaels

    Bill Michaels New Member

    I don't believe I've ever had white chili (and I love chili) - I'll have to look into that. So, I have to wonder: What army invaded down your way? Or do you always cook six months' worth of chili at once? :D

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