Cast iron and tomato sauce

Discussion in 'Dutch Oven & Cast Iron' started by BarbiQ, Dec 4, 2013.

  1. BarbiQ

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    I guess I learned the hard way not to cook tomato sauce in the cast iron pot. I had a really nice black, gleaming, seasoned surface on the pot but the acid in the tomatoes ate through some of it in places. I am mad at myself. :(
  2. TopChef

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    Boy, have I done that. I've also used lemon juice, with the same effect. Thankfully, my skillet is more seasoned now, and can take a hit of acid introduced by forgetfulness once in a while.
  3. Briquet

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    This is why my cast iron skillet is never as seasoned as I'd like it. We use too many acidic sauces in it to keep a good layer. I need to start using my stainless steel skillet in those cases.
  4. BarbiQ

    BarbiQ Active Member

    I like to use the cast iron pot for making chili, too, but it didn't end up damaging the seasoned coating as badly. The sauce came out pretty good but it had that subtle taste of iron to it. The problem was probably that the sauce simmered for several hours.
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