Can you Make Potato Pancakes on the Grill

Discussion in 'Recipe Help & Wanted' started by Clarence Schreiber, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. I am wandering if a person ever made potato pancakes on the grill? I love potato pancakes and would like to grill them sometime. If you had how did they turn out?
  2. dconklin

    dconklin Active Member

    I am not sure that you would be able to do them on the grill. I make mine with mashed potatoes and they fall apart easily in the frying pan, I am not sure they would hold their shape on the grill unless you make them differently then I do. They are good tho, I haven't had them in a long time!
  3. dissn_it

    dissn_it Active Member

    I have never tried to male potato pancakes on the grill before. I am thinking maybe I would try to do it using a cast iron skillet. We have done a BBQ breakfast before and cooked bacon, sausage and hash brown patties in a cast iron skillet on the grill. The hash brown patties did hold up really well. I know some people have made regular pancakes this way, too.
  4. Jessi

    Jessi Active Member

    Mine don't fall apart very easily at all.

    That being said, I think they might start falling through the grill rack if there wasn't a solid surface below them. In that case, I'd have to put a flat rack, pan, foil, or something underneath until they got hard enough on one side. I really don't think it'd be worth it or add much of anything to their taste, though.
  5. Thank you everyone for replying to my post.
  6. R. Paradon

    R. Paradon Active Member

    I think they would turn out fine if you used heavy duty foil. Just make circular forms and it should work out fine. When they are ready to turn use more foil and flip them over then use a knife to cut off the original "bottom" foil. But this seem to be a long procedure.
  7. BBQueen

    BBQueen Active Member

    I have never tried to make potato pancakes on the grill but I would think that if you used foil, at least until they had firmed up a bit then they would probably be fine. There might be something that you could put in them that would help them stay together better too.

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