Campfire Barbecue in the Philippines

Discussion in 'BBQ and Grill Photos' started by joshposh, Mar 30, 2015.

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    So here we are in the Philippines. My multi-ethnic group of friends are coming over for a barbecue and I wanted to do this like I was camping on the beach in Hawaii. So I looked around for materials for a fire pit to cook on. I found some old hollow blocks next door and some old coco wood to burn. I then went to the hardware store to buy some fence wire and to make a grill out of.

    Just like back home camping again.


    But before I started on the fire. I did go to the nearest Supermarket and pick ed up 2 kilos worth of pork belly in large strips, and 1 kilo of sirloin steak. The only seasoning I use is garlic salt and black pepper. I usually rub them in with my bare hands so the flavors soak into the meat.

    1012139_796392333720823_645700796_n.jpg 1555320_796392337054156_16231545_n.jpg

    Then it's onto the fire. Some of friends from California couldn't believe I was cooking on the ground. What, did they think the fire is going to get dirty or something? Damn city folk.

    1011980_796392627054127_1217022114_n.jpg 1497641_796392573720799_249926733_n.jpg 1545653_796392557054134_1169004491_n.jpg 1501763_796392470387476_688980849_n.jpg

    And the finished product is this. Soooo good!!!

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    Looks good. I remember watching a show on BBQ and when a place opened in NYC they said the food was undercooked due to the smoke ring looking pink.
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    That is camping time caveman style.Get your lump Hot and place meat rivht on ot and cook bout 4 min per side..that is if you like rare..great job
  4. joshposh

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    I don't think I can go caveman style. I know what you are talking about to. Some of the primitive tribes that exist now still cook in the manner. Just throw the entire onto the hot coal and flip it over a few times, then serve as is. I don' t like to have ambers and coals in my meat. I'll pass.
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    Lol..I hear ya..we do sometimes..I dont have anything get in the meat..but its not for everyone..I did thought that was kewl you found stuff to make a grill
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    Love it .. that is the way we do.things when we are camping on the beach. You don't need a fancy grill to have an awesome meal.
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  8. L_B

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    Wow that is so interesting. Thank you for sharing! That was a lot of hard work but it all paid off at the end of the day when you could sit down to a nice cold beer and some awesome pork steaks! The fire out looked great and the pork steaks looked amazing!!

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