Baked Chicken & Spinach Flautas


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We tried these baked chicken & spinach flautas for lunch today and they were absolutely wonderful! I will definitely be using this recipe for some tailgating parties this year.


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Thanks for the link and the review; those do look good! I've been looking for a flauta recipe anyway, since I think we could find better ones than the flautas they serve at Tijuana Flats.


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Oh my goodness, those do look amazing! I am going to have to try these because we love this type of food at our house. I wonder if I could make up extras and put them in the freezer for snacks and things?


When I saw the picture, I wanted to try one right away. It does look good and appetizing. For sure, I will skip the chili powder and the jalapeno though. Spicy foods are not really welcome at our house. :)


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Everyone in the house loves flautas and this is one of the first things our kids got interested in when they started to help out around the kitchen. They are tiny bits of goodness, you can put almost anything in them and they still turn out great every single time.