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  1. smokinhog


    What's the secret to deep frying something and it not be greasy? Last time hubby did French fries and onion rings in the deep fryer, they came out really greasy. Help!
  2. smokinhog

    The Faults in our Meat

    Have you been reading about the meat we ingest lately? Seems every time I turn around there's something in the news about growing conditions, what's in the feed and what country our meat is coming from. Now labeling is in question. Any of you grow your own meat? I think that would be a good...
  3. smokinhog

    Sword Fish

    I picked up some fresh sword fish today at the market and we're getting ready to deep fry it. I surely hope it turns out well 'cause we really love fish and this is just another way to cook it rather than on the grill.
  4. smokinhog

    New Grill

    We're going to buy my son a new grill this weekend for his birthday. As the season wears down, many are on sale. What would you suggest in the mid price range? He wants a propane grill.
  5. smokinhog

    Fry Daddy

    Do any of you still have a Fry Daddy? We do and although we don't eat a lot of fried food anymore, "Daddy" still comes in handy. French fries and onion rings are wonderful fresh out of the "Daddy." Don't you think?
  6. smokinhog

    Cooking the Meat 1st

    For the longest time, I have been grilling all the veggies first and then the meat. By the time the meat is done, all the veggies are cold. This past weekend, I did the meat first and put it in a warm oven. Then I cooked the veggies and it worked out so much better. We had a hot meal!
  7. smokinhog

    Green Beans

    How do you season your green beans? I've tried several different things but can't come up with one I like the best. The most favorite so far is sliced onions in the bottom of the pot and a bullion cube for flavor.
  8. smokinhog

    Greenest Spring Ever

    We have had so much rain here in the South that it's turned out to be the greenest spring ever. Of course along with all that green comes all that pollen. Today I see the sunshine for the first time in awhile and I've already taken the allergy meds. Anyone else bothered by "green springs?"
  9. smokinhog

    Silicone Pastry Brush

    Do any of you have a silicone pastry brush? I've tried a small paint brush for basting as well as a regular pastry brush and I hate them both. They are so hard to clean and I never feel like they are clean enough. Opinions please!
  10. smokinhog

    Attack of the grocery bags

    I am under attack by all the plastic grocery bags in my house. I have cloth bags in the car and try to use them whenever possible but some places won't load them for you. :( I try to recycle often but still, they accumulate at an alarming rate. Any suggestions?
  11. smokinhog

    Super Bowl

    How many of you are pulling for Denver to be in the Super Bowl? My husband says I pull for one team in 4 sports and that just happens to be Denver. I think I'll paint my house orange. :)
  12. smokinhog

    Homemade Pimento Cheese

    Have any of you ever made pimento cheese? My mother-in-law used to make it all the time and the family loves it. She uses a whole block of Velveeta Cheese and pushes it through an old-timey grinder. After adding a ton of mayonnaise and a jar of chopped pimentos, it's ready to eat.
  13. smokinhog

    Using a paint brush.

    Does anyone besides me use a paint brush for basting? I've looked at those silicon brushes and am not impressed. I feel like my paint brush does a far better job.
  14. smokinhog

    Cornbread Fritters

    If you're from the South you know exactly what these are. We grew up eating cornbread fritters. Just mix up a batch of cornbread and drop by the spoon full into hot oil in a skillet. These go great with about anything, especially BBQ.
  15. smokinhog

    24 degrees - grilling out

    Hubby wanted a grilled steak last night. It was 24 degrees and the wind was bitter. I told him he should just cook it inside but "nooooooooo." He went out to light the grill and discovered he was out of gas. That steak sure was good off the Forman Grill. It was too cold outside for him anyway.
  16. smokinhog

    How many ingredients?

    Do any of you watch "Diners, Drive Ins and Dives?" I watched an episode last night where this fellow made BBQ sauce with so many ingredients in it I didn't see how it could taste good. The establishment was doing well so evidently folks like it. I try to keep mine simple. This one was...
  17. smokinhog

    Cereal Mix

    My brother just gave me the annual jar of cereal mix. Every year he and my sister-in-law make tons of the stuff and that's what they give at Christmas. This year he made 30 gallons of the stuff. I can't imagine how much cereal, pretzels and peanuts that would take.
  18. smokinhog

    Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Crackers

    These make the nicest gifts. Take Ritz crackers, spread peanut butter between and then dip in melted white or dark chocolate. Allow to dry on waxed paper, package and give away. They're great.
  19. smokinhog

    Open Fire Cobbler

    Have you ever had fruit cobbler cooked in a Dutch oven over the open fire? Oh my it's good. I had some not too long ago at an outdoor BBQ and it melted in my mouth. I'm planning to do one myself in the near future.
  20. smokinhog

    Fried Green Beans

    The post on fried pickles made me think of the fried green beans I had at TGI Friday's one time. They were breaded, deep fried and served as an appetizer with a spicy southwest sauce. They were good but it sure does turn a healthy snack into a calorie laden snack.