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    Frank's Red Hot Sweet Chili Sauce

    I followed the link BarbiQ and it looks really good. Where would I get the product? It's not for sale on the web page. I do hope I can get this locally. I'm always in the market for a good sauce.
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    Best way to shred chicken breast?

    After cooking the chicken, and cooling it, I put it in my trusty mini food processor and pulse until I get the consistency I want. This is great for chicken salad, chicken nachos, chicken tacos, etc. etc.
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    Gas stove in a tiny house

    Now that's an idea Josh. Had not thought of that before. It sure would be simpler than changing out the entire stove wouldn't it. Thanks for the heads up. :)
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    Eating BBQ at Restaurants

    We have a couple of favorite BBQ restaurants that are quite reasonable. I'm talking pulled BBQ pork. I can do chicken and other BBQ dishes at home better than any restaurant. And....being from NC, I also love the vinegar. :)
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    Gas stove in a tiny house

    If I had it to do over, I would surely have a gas stove. The biggest reason being it takes less time to cook. Another reason would be if the power went out you could still cook and have heat. I'm seriously thinking of changing over in the future.
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    Sword Fish

    The sword fish turned out delicious I'm happy to say! It flaked off and just melted in your mouth. Your smoked sword fish looks really good Josh. It's just that we don't do much smoked anything. Not a big fan.
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    Sounds like a plan folks. Thanks. What oil do you use? I think the last time we fried, it was canola oil. Is there one thats better than the other?
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    What's the secret to deep frying something and it not be greasy? Last time hubby did French fries and onion rings in the deep fryer, they came out really greasy. Help!
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    Roasting a Chicken Today

    Did you roast the potatoes and butternut squash with the chicken or separately? I love roasted vegetables and I'll bet those seasonings would be good on the veggies as well as the chicken.
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    Burger ideas

    Never heard of that cheese Josh but I sure will be on the lookout for it. Your mixture sounds really good. I use bread crumbs or cracker crumbs in mine sometimes too. Depends on how many I'm feeding. :)
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    The Faults in our Meat

    I try to get the "All Natural" at Food Lion. It's more expensive than the rest but I figure my body is worth it. I do try to catch it on sale and then stock up. I agree with you Josh on everything you said.
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    Smoking day 2

    How was it Saxy? It sure does look good. We had a smoker years ago and decided we really didn't like it all that much. These days we just stick with the grill and occasionally buy a piece or two of smoked meat.
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    The Faults in our Meat

    Have you been reading about the meat we ingest lately? Seems every time I turn around there's something in the news about growing conditions, what's in the feed and what country our meat is coming from. Now labeling is in question. Any of you grow your own meat? I think that would be a good...
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    Grilled Grilled cabbage

    This does sound good. Have you all ever roasted cabbage rounds in the oven? I understand that's pretty good too. Same seasonings but preceded by a brush of olive oil. Both are good ways to eat cabbage.
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    Sword Fish

    I picked up some fresh sword fish today at the market and we're getting ready to deep fry it. I surely hope it turns out well 'cause we really love fish and this is just another way to cook it rather than on the grill.