Tips For Grilling Steaks on a Gas Grill

Grilling steaks on a gas grill is simple, but in order to do it well, you’ll need to have good technique and follow a few tips. Below are some good tips for producing great steaks on a gas grill.

1. For even cooking, bring your steaks out of the refrigerator at least 30 minutes to 45 minutes before grilling. If you put cold steaks directly from the refrigerator to the grill, the outside will be cooked perfectly, while the inside is raw. If you cook the steak until the center of the cold steak reaches the right temperature, the outside of the steak will be burned and dry. Leaving it out to come to room temperature for 30-45 minutes prior to cooking will bring the steak to room temperature, ensuring even cooking throughout the cut of meat.

2. Make sure your grill grate is clean and oiled. Your steaks will stick to your grill grates if they are not cleaned and well oiled before you put your steaks on the grill to cook. When the gas grill is heating up, take a sturdy wire brush and scrub the grill grates vigorously to remove any charred material and leftovers from the previous grilling session. After that, take an old towel that has been dipped into vegetable oil and use tongs to hold it in order to lubricate the grill grate.

3. Don’t move your steak once you place it on the grill. Your steaks need time to sear and develop a nice brown crust. If you try to move the steak prematurely, the meat will stick to the grill grates and tear. Instead, wait a few minutes until the meat comes away easily. It will release from the grill grate when it is ready to be flipped or turned.

4. Nice grill marks are a sign of a good chef. To get a good, crosshatched pattern on your grilled foods, allow the food to sear on one side for a few minutes. Next, turn the food 90 degrees with tongs and allow it to sear again. Flip the piece of food over and repeat on the other side. You should have a perfect crosshatched pattern on your food like you see in cookbooks, pictures, and on television.

5. When choosing a steak, try to buy a steak that is between 1.5 and 2 inches thick. Thicker steaks are easier to cook on a grill, but cause they give the cook more margin for error when cooking. Thin steaks have a tendency to burn easily and dry out, resulting in a dry, tough cut of meat. With a thicker steak, you have more control over the rate that the steak is cooking, allowing you to make sure that your steak is cooked to perfection.

6. Cooking by gas grill does not produce smoke contrary to popular belief. The smoke that you are seeing is not a product of the gas being burned, but rather the drippings from the steak hitting the burners. To get a true smoke on your steaks, you will need to place a foil pouch that is full of soaked wood chips onto the burner. The chips will start to smolder, producing a gentle smoke that will penetrate your steaks.

7. Look for steaks that have good marbling, intramuscular fat that will make the steak juicy and tender. In the local supermarket you’re likely to find steaks that have been classified as “choice.” Instead, try looking for steaks that are classified as “prime.” These cuts have a higher fat content, which will make them juicier and more flavorful. Prime cuts of meat are usually only sold to restaurants and other commercial establishments, but you can sometimes find these cuts of meat in high end butcher shops as well as on the internet.

8. If your steaks are cooking faster than you would like, turn off one of the burners to your gas grill and move the steaks over it and off of direct heat. The steaks will continue to cook, but at a lower temperature, keeping them from burning and becoming dry and overcooked.

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