Tips For Fall Off The Bone Barbecue Ribs

Most barbecue ribs when cooked can end up tasting rubbery, and is very hard to pull off of the bone. It is very hard to actually cook a rib so that it falls off of the bone, yet this is the ultimate experience for people who love the taste of ribs. Cooking ribs the right way can be an experience in trial and error, and many fifty pound bone ribs have been lost through the trials. Actually, not completely lost because no matter how a rib turns out, most people would never let them go to waste. However, people are still looking for that one barbecue rib experience where they have cooked it just right enough that the ribs just fall off of the bone. The task has been so important that new developments have been studied over the years that finally came to one conclusion. In order to get fall off the bone barbecue ribs, they need to be smoked first. Not just smoked, they need to be smoked, and then cooked in one way; The Texas Crutch way.

Through all of the different ways to cook and barbecue ribs, one way has continued to stand out for giving the best tasting ribs anyone has ever tasted. Cooking ribs in the Texas Crutch way provides people with a tasty and tender rib that literally just falls off of the bone. No more head banging into a wall when the meet is so tough that not even a pit bull can get it off.

The Texas Crutch Way

What is it about the Texas Crutch that makes barbecuing ribs so great? The first thing to do with the ribs is to put them in a smoker for a couple of hours. It is the smoked taste from a smoker that gives the meat its tenderness, and great smoked taste. A smoker can make any meat taste better, whether it is Thanksgiving turkey, or pork meat, they are bound to taste better than any other type of cooked meat. After a couple of hours smoking in the smoker, wrap the ribs up in some tin foil because it is time to for the next step to great tasting barbecue ribs. One other ingredient that can add a lot of flavor to barbecue meat after it has been smoked is apple juice. Adding a cup of apple juice to the top of the ribs before the tin foil is sealed will give the ribs a great taste. Now the ribs need to be added back to the smoker, sealed tightly for another hour of smoking. So now there is smoked ribs with the great taste of apple juice on top. What more can actually be done to make these ribs taste even better? Taking the ribs out of the smoker after an hour, and uncovering them to smoke again for another hour. This time without the tin foil on.

Achieving the great taste of falling off the bone ribs may be time consuming, but excellence can not be found in only a few seconds. Even if a person is busy all day long, they still want to take that time to get their ribs cooked just right, mostly as a reward for being such a great hard working person. There is nothing wrong with a person having their cake and eating too. Smoking fifty pounds of barbecue ribs in a smoker with tinfoil and apple juice, and then without the tin foil, gives a person the best of two different worlds. There is nothing wrong with taking advantage of the best tasting ribs. Taking the time to cook ribs the right way, ensures that the whole meat is going to be slow cooked while the barbecue has all the time in the world to seep into every part of the meat. How else is a person going to get that great taste of barbecue, if the meat is not saturated with it? To tenderize barbecue ribs so that it can become the falling off of the bone meat, a person has been searching for all of their life, is to braise it in steam. After braising it in steam, it is now time for one last bout in the smoker.

Now the fall off the bone barbecue ribs are ready to serve. If this does not change a persons life, nothing will. The Texas Crutch way is the only way.

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