Smoked Barbeque Turkey Legs

The utmost heavenly treat of “Smoked Barbecue Turkey Legs” is a delicacy for non-vegetarians everywhere. It is among the best dishes prepared from turkey. It is an extremely popular dish and one of the staple foods of the people of China, America and Europe. It is also part of the Chinese menu on Chinese New Year.

In order to cook delicious Smoked Barbecue Turkey Legs, one has to take utmost care of two things: the temperature has to be kept low on a consistent and steady basis, and the turkey legs have to be cooked at the optimal internal temperature. The preparation of Smoked Barbecue Turkey Legs begins with the purchase of good turkey legs to be barbecued. It is always advisable to purchase turkey legs of more or less the same weight and size. These legs are available in packages, where the trimming of the turkey legs has been done properly. However, one should remove the major flaps of skin left on the turkey legs, if any. The legs should be washed well to avoid infection. Olive oil should be rubbed over the meat for better flavor. The of additional salt should be totally avoided initially because it might lead to removal of the moisture content from the meat.
After rubbing the turkey legs with the oil, it is advisable to properly marinate the legs. This should be done overnight by putting them inside a packet and refrigerating them for proper absorption of the spices and flavors. Prior to putting the turkey legs on the barbecue, it is mandatory for the legs to rest at room temperature for development of a nice roast over the skin. After this the legs should be taken out of the refrigerator followed by addition of salt for absorption of moisture. Draping of a plastic sheet should be done loosely over the legs.
Now the time has come to barbecue the turkey legs. The barbecue pit should be started, along with charcoal and a few wood chips for creating smoky flavor in the dish. After obtaining a temperature of 220 degrees, the process of barbecuing should be started. The turkey legs should be grilled over the grate, which should be sprayed with cooking spray to avoid sticking of the meat on the grate. Space should be left between the legs for allowing passage of air and heat to grill the meat completely. One must, however, ensure that the temperature is maintained at a constant level of 220 degrees.
After two hours, the turkey legs demand some basting, which should be done using a mixture of beer, vinegar, barbecue sauce and olive oil. At this point the lid should be removed. After some time, a dark brownish color will start developing on the turkey legs and they will look extremely delicious.
Since the lid is open, the turkey legs should be basted again and the internal temperature should be reduced to 170 degrees. After about 45 minutes of cooking the meat has separated a little from the bones and hence, cooking is complete and the legs are fully roasted. After leaving them for about 10 minutes, the turkey legs are ready to be served. They can be served as starters as well as included in the main course.
This should be followed by the addition of certain essential condiments such as kosher salt, pepper, brown sugar, dried ground red chilies and dried thyme in order to enrich the taste. The dish can be garnished by dressing it with minced water chestnuts and the green as well as white parts of a green onion to it to make it look presentable. Well prepared barbeque turkey legs will receive the praise of everyone invited to the dinner table.

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