Smoke and Food – What Smoking Wood Pairs Best with Which Food

Grilling with wood can add great flavor and complex taste to anything that is cooked. For many people, this may seem like a complex procedure. It is not that difficult and anyone can create great food by smoking wood.

There are two main styles when it comes to using wood to cook. There are wood chips and wood planks. Wood chips are placed directly in the fire. The chips are soaked for at least one hour before being placed on the fire. When the fire is burning, the soaked chips will add a great smokey flavor to the food being cooked.

Plank cooking is a different style where the food is cooked directly on a plank of wood. Like the chips, the plank should be soaked for at least one hour before it is used. A little salt or lemon can be put in the water while the plank is being soaked. White wine can also be added to the soak for additional flavor.

When plank cooking, the food is placed on the plank and cooked at a slightly lower temperature than normal. The lid is to remain closed as much as possible and the food is actually not flipped during the cooking.

The most important decision when it comes to smoking wood would be the type of wood that is used. Different woods will create different flavors. Certain woods are more appropriately paired with certain foods, so having the right wood is essential.

Cedar chips are most common and the easiest to find. Cedar works great for a various fish and adds a slight kick to the flavor. Since different wood types are not as readily available, one may have to search online for the wood or go to a grilling specialty store.

Alder wood provides a sweet and light flavor. It is good on salmon as well as poultry.

A lot of people use apple wood for most anything that is cooked on the grill. It adds a sweet, fruit flavor to anything on the grill. It goes especially well on spare ribs and pork.

Black walnut wood is used when cooking red meat. This is a very strong wood and will add a bitter taste is too heavily used. Walnut is sometimes combined with a lighter wood such as alder.

Almond and pecan provide a sweet and nutty flavor. These are usually used on pork and can be used on poultry as well.

Cherry adds a nice fruity flavor to whatever is being cooked. It is especially good for ham, poultry and pork.

There are a lot of different types of wood that can be used for smoking. It is relatively simple to do and will add a unique flavor to whatever is on the grill. One of the best parts of grilling with wood is that a person can experiment with different mixtures to find the perfect flavor.