How to Make the Best BBQ Ribs

Make the Best BBQ RibsMany people love the taste of BBQ ribs, but a lot of people do not know how to cook them correctly. Instead of heading to your nearest steakhouse for a rack of overpriced and generic ribs, learn how to make your own at home; they will be surprisingly good and surprisingly easy.

Marinate Your Ribs

When cooking ribs, it is best to marinate them overnight or at least for an entire day before cooking them. The type of marinade that you use will depend on the flavor that you are looking for, but look for a thin marinade that does not contain any sugar so that it will seep into the meat better.

Remember Your Dry Rub

In the midst of choosing the perfect marinade and barbecue sauce for your ribs, you might forget about another important step — seasoning your ribs. Although ribs that are coated in a good barbecue sauce might turn out pretty good, ribs that are properly seasoned first will turn out wonderfully.

Since everyone has different preferences when it comes to seasonings and spices, it is best for you to create your own dry rub. You can also purchase a dry rub that is designed for ribs from your local grocery store, but you will enjoy your meal much more if you create the rub yourself. Experiment with salt, pepper and a few of your favorite spices for the perfect rub for your ribs. For a slightly sweet taste, try adding a bit of brown sugar.

Never Boil Your Ribs First

A lot of people choose to boil their ribs before grilling them in order to save time. However, this is not a good idea if you want your ribs to be truly memorable. When you boil your ribs, you are stealing precious juices from your ribs, and they simply will not be as tender or tasty when you grill them. Unless absolutely necessary, you should skip this step.

Take Your Time

Although you are probably ready to enjoy your ribs right away, you should remember that patience is a virtue. You can turn your grill up on high in order to get your ribs done more quickly, but they will not be nearly as satisfying as they will be if you cook them using the “low and slow” method.

After cleaning your grill and heating it to the lowest possible setting, you should place your ribs inside and allow them to cook on low for several hours for the best results. This process can take anywhere from three to five hours, but it is worth the wait; they will be the best ribs that you have ever cooked and possibly the best ribs that you have ever had.

Leave Them Alone

Another important step of grilling your ribs is leaving them alone as much as possible. Although you do want to check on them periodically to make sure that they are not overcooking, you do not want to open the grill lid too often. Doing so not only allows the heat to escape, but it also lets out steam. Since steam helps to keep your ribs moist and tender, you want to keep as much of it inside your grill as possible.

Choose The Perfect Sauce

If you are planning on coating your ribs with barbecue sauce, you need to make sure that you choose the best possible sauce to accompany your tender and delicious ribs. There are actually plenty of bottled varieties out there that offer an impressive taste, but you should also consider making your own barbecue sauce sometime for even better results. Since some people like spicy sauces while others prefer a sweet taste, you should test out several recipes, and consider including your own touches to make the sauce your own.

Don’t Add The Sauce Too Early, However

Once you have chosen the right sauce, you are probably anxious to throw it on your ribs. However, wait until they are almost finished cooking. It will not take long for the sauce to heat up after you have added them onto the hot ribs, and adding the sauce on too quickly might cause the sauce to burn. Instead, add your sauce when your ribs are finished cooking, and close the lid long enough for the steam and heat to warm up the sauce. You are then ready to enjoy your tender and delicious ribs.