How to Make and Apply Delicious BBQ Rubs

How to Make and Apply Delicious BBQ RubsBarbecue rubs are a great way to add flavor to just about anything you could ever put on the grill. They are usually dry, and they can be used on beef, chicken, turkey, seafood, pork and, sometimes, even vegetables. Rubs can be as simple as a mixture of a few basic ingredients or a more complex concoction of special spices and flavors. When it comes to developing your own unique blend, the options really are only limited by your imagination and your taste buds.

When making your own barbecue rub, the most important thing is to think about what type of flavor you are going for. Rubs can be sweet, spicy, salty or any combination of those flavors. It is common for most to include salt, black pepper and a bit of onion flakes. Other popular dry ingredients include garlic powder, parsley, brown sugar, white sugar, red pepper, cayenne pepper, cumin, paprika and chilli powder. These, of course, are not all of the options. Virtually any dry spice can be used to make a delicious rub. The key is combining flavors that work well together. Many people, for example, enjoy a sweet and spicy rub. By combining cayenne pepper or chilli powder with brown sugar along with the standard salt, black pepper and onion, you can create a rub that has a bit of a kick that is mellowed out by the sweetness of the brown sugar.

It is easy to find countless recipes for different barbecue rubs, but if you are like most grill enthusiasts, part of the fun is coming up with your own unique flavor to share with friends and family. While it may seem like an intimidating task, it’s really quite simple. Start out by mixing together a few ingredients you like, and taste them on the tip of your finger. You can tell a lot by smelling the mixture, too. Add more or other ingredients until you achieve your desired flavor. There really is no right or wrong way of coming up with a delicious spice blend.

Once you have perfected your barbecue rub, it’s time to apply it. The exact method for application varies depending on what you’re making. If you are preparing poultry like chicken or turkey, start by thoroughly rinsing and patting almost dry. Next, rub the dry mix into the bird, covering the entire thing. If you are making steak, most people recommend first marinating the steak and then applying the rub. Dry rub can be applied directly to seafood prior to cooking while it should be applied to pork both before and during grilling. The amount of rub to use depends on how strong you want the flavor. For just a hint of spice, use a small amount. If you are looking for something that packs a punch, use more.

Making a delicious barbecue rub doesn’t have to be complicated. By combining a few of your favorite ingredients and experimenting to get the flavor just right, you can have your own custom blend that will have your family and friends begging you to grill every weekend. Because rubs are easily made using dry ingredients, you can even make batches in bulk so you will be ready for your next impromptu get-together. Just store your rub in an air-tight container, and you will be ready whenever the grill calls.