How to Grill Vegetables on a Propane Grill

How to Grill Vegetables on a Propane GrillWhether you want to spice up your meal or eat a healthy snack, grilled vegetables can be your solution. Sausages, steak tips, and chicken are commonly served with a side of vegetables. If you are looking to eat healthy, grilled vegetables taste better than raw ones, and you don’t need nor want to add any salad dressing to grilled veggies. There are different methods that can be used to grill vegetables and the best way for you to cook them depends on the kind of grill that you are using. This article is going to teach you how to grill vegetables on a propane grill.

The first thing you want to do is prepare your vegetables. Thoroughly wash them in the sink and then trim away any stems and roots that you don’t want to eat. The better job you do at cutting away the extras, the better your cooked veggies will taste. Less roots and stems equals more flavor.

The best temperature to grill your vegetables on depends on what you are cooking. Smaller, more fragile items like mushrooms, tomatoes, and onions will cook best on medium heat for crisp results and low heat for a cooked, but tender finish. Thicker, more solid vegetables like carrots, broccoli, peppers, and potatoes cook best on a higher temperature.

You have a few options if you are cooking both thin and thick veggies together. One is to use a medium heat temperature and either throw the thick items on a little earlier or keep them on a little longer than the thinner ones. Another option is to cut up your broccoli, potatoes, or whatever thick vegetables you are cooking so that they are thinner and smaller. This will allow them to cook faster and thus you will be able to cook them thoroughly at the same temperature and time as your onions, tomatoes, etc.

During the time you are cutting up and preparing your vegetables, you may want to preheat your grill. Since vegetables don’t take a long time to cook, it is best to throw them right onto a preheated grill. It may take just as long for your grill to heat up as it takes for your food to cook.

Once your grill is at the appropriate temperature, place them directly onto the grill gate. If you are cooking any vegetables that have skin on them, place the skin side down on the gate and not the other side. Close the top to your grill once your food is on the grill. Closing the top allows for hot air to circulate around the veggies and will cook them faster.

It is difficult to estimate the exact amount of time that it will take to cook your vegetables. It depends on how much you are cooking, what temperature you are cooking at, and how solid your vegetables are. You can expect it to take around five minutes for your veggies to cook. Vegetables cooked at a high temperature may be done in less then five minutes, where as vegetables cooked on a low heat, may take up to ten minutes to be fully cooked. You can use a fork to tell when your veggies are done. If the fork easily goes right through the vegetable, it is done. If you struggle to stick a fork in them, leave them on for another couple minutes and try again.

Once your vegetables are cooked, they are ready to be eaten. If you are someone who generally likes the vegetables you are eating, you should be able to enjoy them fresh off the grill. If vegetables are not your favorite food choice, try sprinkling some pepper, salt, or any of your favorite fresh herbs and seasoning onto them.