How To Grill The Perfect Pork Chop

How To Grill The Perfect Pork ChopIf you are someone who loves their meat, there’s a good chance that you love pork chops as well! Pork chops are pieces of meat that are removed from the area directly adjacent to and perpendicular to the spine. They frequently have sawed pieces of rib sliding out of them, giving them their signature shape. They are a favorite for people who grill, but if you want to make some standout pork chops for this grilling season, there are some absolutely essential tips that you need to keep in mind.

In the first place, remember that although the pork chops are relatively fatty, they don’t have a lot of flavor all on their own. They are moist, but all they have is the natural sweetness of the pork. For people who really love pork, this is fine, but most people prefer to have a little bit of tartness or tang to their meat. If you are not feeling too certain about your skill with spices or marinades, just sprinkle a little bit of salt and cracked pepper onto both sides of the pork chop and allow it to sit for five to ten minutes before grilling. This is a good choice if you are pressed for time.

If you have the time and you want pork chops that are more interesting, consider a long marinade. The longer you marinade a pork chop, the more flavorful and tender it will be. One simple marinade is to cover the bottom of a plastic container in balsamic vinegar. Throw in several cloves of crushed garlic and some sugar to taste. Then lay the pork chops flat in the marinade. If the marinade does not cover the pork chops completely, turn it every hour or so. One alternative to placing the marinade in a plastic container is to place it and the meat into a resealable plastic bag and then to turn the bag every few hours. One important thing to remember is that marinading is not an exact science. As long as the marinade tastes good, so will the finished product.

Spice rubs are another option when you want to easily flavor your meat. While they lack the moisture of a marinade, a spice rub containing rosemary, cracked black pepper, dried chili peppers and seasoning salt can give your pork chops a real kick.

Grease the top of your grill and heat it up. If you are using a gas grill, set the gauge to about 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Lay the pork chops flat on the grill carefully and sear them for about 2 minutes. Then turn the pork chops over, turn the grill down to a low heat and allow it cook for about five to eight minutes on each side. Continue cooking the pork cops until they are thoroughly cooked all the way to the middle; unlike beef, pork should be cooked until it is well done. A 1-inch steak takes roughly 10 minutes to cook thoroughly, so judge your meat using that time.

If you wish, you can baste the meat occasionally with the marinade; simply brush it onto the cooking surfaces of the pork chop. If you are nervous about the marinade dripping through the grill and causing a mess, however, pat the pork chops gently with a paper towel before grilling them.

After your pork chops are thoroughly cooked, pull them out of the fire and allow them to rest for between five and ten minutes before you serve them up. This allows the protein to break down completely, and it also gives the meat time to cool down so that they can be eaten as soon as they get to the table.


  1. psmith140 says

    I always leave the fat on my pork chops and then at the end use a spatula and hold it on it’s side so it can crisp up on the oil. To be honest I enjoy the crispy fat and drippings sometimes more then the meat chop itself!

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