How to Grill Squash for Succulent Results

It is amazingly easy to predict what your neighbors are growing in their garden every summer. With its sturdiness, durability, and remarkable ability to withstand the abuse of inexperienced farmers, different varieties of squash can be found in nearly every home garden in suburban America. Yellow squash, zucchini, butternut squash, and banana squash are all popular components of the summertime gardening experience. However, after the big harvest has come in, many garden owners are left with an enormous pile of vegetables that they must prepare before the food goes to waste. It can be difficult to think of a variety of different ways to cook all your squash to tender perfection. However, distressed gardeners may be able to find some relief by turning to their barbeques. Grilling squash is an excellent way to turn this overly abundant summertime vegetable into a tasty side dish.

The first important aspect in grilling squash is to make sure that the squash is cut up correctly. You will want to start with a squash that is as evenly shaped and as free from blemishes as possible. If there are any imperfections on the squash, cut them out before doing anything else. Next, give your squash a thorough wash and divide it into evenly-sized pieces. The exact dimensions do not matter so much as long as all the pieces are of the same size and thickness. Keep in mind, though, that the thicker your squash is cut, the longer it will take to cook. You also do not want the pieces to be too small, or they will be difficult to turn on the grill. In terms of efficiency, the best way to cut your squash is probably in long, thin planks.

Next, you will want to flavor your squash. As wonderful as the texture of home grown squashes can be, these vegetables simply do not have much taste on their own. Fresh herbs, lemon juice, various spices, steak rubs, or garlic would all make a fantastic addition. It is also important to spread a thin layer of oil over the squash to help ensure that it does not stick to the grill. Many people choose to use a more flavorful oil, such as olive oil, as this will add an additional touch of flair to the finished product. Conversely, some people choose to wrap their squash inside of foil packets before putting them on the grill. This eliminates all sticking problems whatsoever and essentially steams the squash. However, by wrapping your squash in foil, you will not achieve the same savory grill marks and smoky flavor from the barbeque that you would by placing the veggies directly onto the grill.

After seasoning, you are finally ready to get your squash on the grill. Most types of squash should be cooked over medium heat for about four to five minutes on each side. Monitor your squash to ensure that it does not become blackened or burnt; once the squash has reached a deep golden brown on one side, flip it over to the next. The squash is done when it has been browned on all sides, has a slightly firm exterior, and is tender on the inside (you can check this by poking the squash with a fork). Be careful not to overcook your squash, as this will cause it to become mushy and bitter. By following these steps, you will soon be grilling succulent squash like the pros.

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