How to grill Lobster

For many boiled lobster is a treat. But there is another way to cook lobster that gives it a smoky flavor that is unique and tasty. Cooking lobsters on the grill is easy and quick. Once you learn how to grill lobster you will be enjoying it much more often.

Get a lobster that is about 2 pounds in weight. Obviously, a live lobster is the freshest but frozen and defrosted lobster tail will work as well.

Put the lobster in enough boiling water to cover it for about 3 to 5 minutes depending on the size to kill the lobster and make it easier to cut in half. Take it out and run it under cold water so it will be cool enough to handle. If you don’t want to bother with boiling water then simply cut the lobster head off with a sharp knife. Place a towel on the tail of the lobster to hold it down firmly. Cut the lobster in two down the back shell. This butterflies the lobster so it cooks evenly on the grill. Clean out the lobster tamale. Do not rinse the lobster as you will lose the flavorful juices. Using just the tail is easier if you are inexperienced at cooking lobster.

For extra flavor make a basting sauce can be made of lemon juice and crushed garlic and brushed on just before putting the lobster on the grill. Take the lobster to the grill and make sure the grill is hot. If you use good hardwood charcoal to grill seafood instead of regular charcoal it will burn cleaner and more evenly and most importantly give you the best flavor.

Place the lobster on the grill with the shell side down on the grill. You can baste it with butter or butter with Cajun spices mixed in to add flavor while it is grilling. The lobster is done when the shell is red and the meat is white. As with any seafood it is really important not to overcook the lobster meat as it will lose its tender texture and become dry and tough. Serve a half of a lobster if they are large or a whole tail if they are smaller per person with extra butter and lemon.

Once step up from simply grilled lobster is to stuff it and grill it. Cut up brie cheese, add some shrimp and crab. Mix in enough mayonnaise to moisten the mixture and add some fresh dill. Take a half of the lobster and put it inside the cleaned out cavity of the lobster. Pack it into the shell well. Put it on the grill shell side down. Let it cook until the cheese melts and the lobster turns opaque.

Lobster works well with steak as your own version of surf and turf. Alternatively you can cook fish filets in about the same time and have a seafood feast.

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