How To Cook the Best BBQ Shrimp Ever

Shrimp is always a crowd pleasure no matter how it’s served. But there’s nothing more unique than the aromas and flavors of good Bar-B-Que shrimp. Making the best Bar-B-Que shrimp ever is quicker and easier than most people imagine. By following the steps below, you can prepare delectable tasting shrimp that will garner rave reviews.

First, a brief explanation about the difference between grilling and Bar-B-Queing. Grilling is generally done on an outside grill using a propane heat source. While grilling will adequately cook your shrimp, it lacks the flavors that Bar-B-Que briquettes add to the meat. Charcoal briquettes create a unique, smoky flavor and can now be purchased with hickory or mesquite chips pressed into the charcoal, which adds even greater depths to the flavors. Bar-B-Que grills may take longer to bring up to heat, but they are worth the wait.

Shrimp can be Bar-B-Qued either in the shell or peeled. However, it is best to cook them peeled so they absorb as much of the smoky flavors as possible.

To begin, light the briquettes so they can come up to heat as you prepare the shrimp. A high heat is best, but not so hot that the shrimp char on the outside before the the inside is fully cooked.

Always use medium to large fresh shrimp. Frozen shrimp will become soft after thawing, which causes the meat to fall apart when cooking on the grill. Peel and remove the veins (if necessary), but leave the tail portion on as the shrimp will be easier to handle while cooking and eating.

Thread the shrimp onto double metal or wood skewers and let them come to room temperature. If using wood, be sure to soak the skewers thoroughly in water or they will catch fire. It is best to use a double skewer approach as the shrimp will tend to spin around a single skewer when you are flipping them during the cooking process.

When your grill is hot, lightly coat the shrimp on both sides with olive oil and place them on the grate. Cook for 5 to 7 minutes, flipping them half way through. Do not overcook! Shrimp cook very quickly. As soon as they turn white and are slightly charred on the outside they are done.

The great thing about shrimp is its versatility. They can be grilled plain, basted with Bar-B-Que sauce or marinades while cooking, sprinkled with your favorite herbs and spices or eaten with dipping sauces. No matter how you prepare or serve them, the great smoky flavors and textures will always come through.

To bring an added “wow” factor to your dish, prepare and serve your shrimp with the following lime/ginger marinade. Combine in a bowl 1 tbsp. honey, 1 tbsp. light soy sauce, 1 tbsp. dry sherry, the juice of 1 lime and a small piece of root ginger (peeled and freshly chopped). Add the shrimp to the marinade and turn them until they are completely covered. Cover and leave to marinate in the refrigerator for 1 to 2 hours before cooking. Any remaining marinade can be served as a dipping sauce while eating.

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