Citrus Grilled Steaks For the Infrared Grill

Infrared grills offer a superior cooking experience due to their even temperatures that help foods to cook thoroughly. As the drippings from meat are instantly vaporized a smokey flavor is created, enriching the taste of any steaks cooked on an infrared grill. One drawback to infrared grills is that they are harder to do slow cooking such as BBQ flavorings, but they are ideal for high flavor citrus grilled steaks. The high heat created by infrared grills dramatically reduces the time necessary to cook thick meat or vegetables, allowing meals to be created faster and with more flavor.

Preparing steaks for grilling depends on whether a marinade or rub is used for flavoring. Marinades often require up to 24 hours in order to allow the citrus to soak into the meat while citrus rubs may be used within an hour to three hours prior to grilling. Some citrus seasoning may be added during the cooking process such as lemon, orange or lime zest or juice that is placed directly on the meat in the grill. The type of citrus used can dramatically affect the taste of the steak as some citrus is sweeter while others are more tart. Tart citrus lends itself well to being paired with a salty spice rub or marbled cuts of meat while sweeter citrus goes well with peppery blends and more lean cuts of meat.

Citrus grilled steaks offer a zesty way to brighten up any meal. A variety of citrus flavors can be used to create exciting grilled steaks on infrared grills. Flavors can be combined together, used individually or added to other seasonings such as salt, pepper or marinades.

Lime grilled steaks are a popular choice for cooking on an infrared grill. The sharp taste of lime blends well with the smokey flavor imparted by the grilling technique and creates an enjoyable flavor that goes well with almost any style of meal. Lime grilled meat is most often found in authentic Mexican cuisine such as cantina style tacos or fajitas, or served with grilled vegetables.

Zesty lemon and orange peel can also be used to create a marinade to place on steaks prior to grilling. Even tropical fruits can be added to further enhance the flavor of steaks as a refreshing departure from the traditional seasonings used for grilled steaks.

Steaks may be cooked whole or diced into smaller portions in order to cook them. Kebabs are a popular choice for citrus grilled steaks as the citrus enhances the flavors of the vegetables paired with the meat. Meat may also be cut fajita styled and cooked in packets or grilling baskets in order to cook them with sliced vegetables. Citrus juice or zest can then be added as a seasoning to create a bright flavor for a fun meal.

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