BBQ Ideas For Indirect Grilling- How To Get Tender Servings Every Time

BBQ Ideas For Indirect Grilling- How To Get Tender Servings Every TimeIndirect grilling is among the best methods to cook up a mouthwatering barbecue. Indirect grilling refers to covered grill cooking. The heat source is on one side while the food is placed on the other side. This way, the food will not burn easily because the heat source is not directly below it. The process is almost the same as oven baking.

There are two types of indirect grilling. The first uses a charcoal grill, and the other uses the gas burner. These methods involve controlling the temperature by resetting the gas burner or adding charcoal briquettes. The ideal temperature for indirect grilling is typically 250 to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. This method is perfect for cooking large pieces of pork or ribs, briskets and other tough cuts. Indirect grilling can also be considered slow and gentle cooking.

Using A Charcoal Grill

Weber kettle grills are great to use for the charcoal grill method. The charcoal should first be arranged in single or double piles on both sides of the grill. Making use of a single pile of charcoal actually comes with pros and cons. The good part is that it provides more space to be used in grilling. However, the food may need to be turned regularly while cooking to ensure that both sides are cooked well.

On the other hand, opting for two piles of charcoal can make cooking a lot more balanced because the heat source comes from both sides. The problem is that the grilling capacity is reduced.

The pan should be positioned on top of the bricks. The food will be placed on it. The pan helps save the dripping juices. In addition, it adds moisture inside the grill. Sauces, water, spices and seasoning can be placed inside the pan for a flavorful meal.

When resetting the temperature, the three bottom vents should be opened halfway. The next step is to check the top vent. The grill should be monitored while cooking, and you should watch out for overheating. When it happens, close one of the lower vents and wait about 15 minutes. Close the other two vents and the lid vent if the first attempt was not able to lower the temperature. Control the amount of charcoal to achieve a suitable temperature until the food is cooked.

It is best to add more charcoal every hour or more while the food is in the grill. Pre-lighting the charcoal can ensure that the grill temperature will not drop rapidly.

Using A Gas Grill

Gas grills are relatively easier to use than charcoal grills. It is ideal to use gas grills with two burners and separate controls. They can either be positioned in the front and back or side by side.

Gas grills with left and right burners should be set at their lowest temperature. Either burners can be used, and the food is placed on the opposite side. On the other hand, the rear burner should be used for grills with front-back burners. The food should then be placed on the front grill.