Meat Smokers For Sale – Why the Cheapest Price May Not Be the Best Deal!

Selecting a meat smoker isn’t rocket science, but just going out and buying the very cheapest one that you can find might not be the best strategy to pursue if you want a meat smoker that will last.

There are essentially two price ranges for smokers. We’re simplifying a bit, but you basically have smokers under the $400 mark, and smokers over the $400 mark. Under $400 is what you’re probably looking for if you just want to have backyard smoke-outs now and then with your friends and family. Over $400 is what you’re looking for if you’re a serious smoker or if you need it for professional reasons.

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How to Determine the Best Barbeque Grill For a First Time Buyer

There are so many things to think about when you are about to purchase your first grill. How much room do you have? How tight is your budget? Do you need something that will be able to heat up and cook things quickly? Does it matter if you get that smoky taste when you grill?

All of these questions must be answered before you go to pick out your grill. There are five main types to choose from. The first and most common type is the gas grill. These grills have become very popular in today’s day and age. This is mostly due to the fast-paced lifestyle that many people live. The gas grill heats up and is ready to go in about ten minutes at most. It is common for gas grills to go over 600 degrees Fahrenheit. The only drawback to this type of grill is that it costs a little more than other types of grills. It also must be used in an open area away from other surfaces.

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Are Infrared BBQ Grills Any Good?

Infrared barbecue grills cook with radiant heat rather than convection or conduction energy. They have been called the microwave of outdoor cooking, and have been credited with breathing new life into today’s barbecue market. Their popularity has grown quickly since 2000, when the Infrared Burner’s patent expired, allowing any manufacturer interested in adding an infrared burner to a gas grill to do so. Increasingly, entire grills utilize the infrared technology.

In an infrared grill, propane or natural gas is used to heat an emitter such as stainless steel or ceramic to super-high temperatures very quickly. Temperatures range from 700 to 1800 degrees Fahrenheit. Depending on the quality of the grill, these temperatures can be reached in as little as 30 seconds, though five to seven minutes is the norm. Whereas a standard grill uses a combination of direct heat and hot air to cook your food, an infrared grill works almost solely via direct heat. The type of heat emitter plays a large role in this; grills with ceramic emitters are approximately 50 percent infrared, but stainless steel emitters are nearly 100 percent infrared. This is due to several layers of stainless stell surrounding the heat source, blocking all airflow. There are many brands and types of infrared grills on the market, but each is essentially a large metal box heated to extremely high temperatures.

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