The Many Functions of the Big Green Egg Smoker BBQ

The Big Green Egg Smoker BBQ can do more than just grill meat. It can bake a pizza, a turkey, and cook just about any other food item for any barbecue occasion. The grill features an egg-like shape and olive green color, hence its name. This shape is known as the Kamado style, which borrows from ancient Chinese and Japanses cultures and is also a hallmark of the Big Green Egg company and its grills. The word “kamado” is Japanese for “stove” or “oven”. The grill appeals to users as it is relatively small, with small sized grills measuring only eighteen inches in diameter. Grills do, however, weigh about 140 pounds and may require that some owners purchase a wheeled cart for which to move the grill.

The Big Green Egg Smoker BBQ also features a ceramic body which allows for temperatures inside the cooker to remain steady for substantial amounts of time. In fact, its body allows charcoals to burn longer, thus making the frequent adding and lighting of charcoals unnecessary. The ceramic body also stays cool to the touch while cooking and it is weather-resistant. It can be used in all sorts of weather, even rain and snow. The ceramic body will not rust or tarnish. The grill can also cook at a substantial range of temperatures. It can cook at a relatively low heat of 150 degrees to a much higher temperature of 700 degrees. The lower heat makes it attractive for cooking foods like pizzas and vegetables, as well as for slow roasting meats.

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Big Green Egg Grill – A Review

If you are green in grilling experience, you might want to put up the money for a grill that will make you look like a pro chef from the Food Network. Even if you are a rookie griller, the Big Green Egg grill will sear the kind of succulent steak most grillers can only make in their dreams.

The Big Green Egg grill is not related to Dr. Seuss or his Green Eggs and Ham story although you could grill some mouth watering ham steaks that you might eat with a bowl of crunchy corn flakes. You could smoke a delectable 20 pound turkey or slow roast a stack of tasty beef jerky—despite no relationship to the good doctor.

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